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    Question Unanswered: DTS SQL Task Parameters Error

    I have an odd problem with the parameters in a SQL task.

    I created a DTS package with an SQL task that uses a parameter marker in the WHERE cause. The value comes from a Global Var. The package runs fine but when I try to access the parameter mapping page I get this:

    Syntax Error or Access Violation Error

    Anybody know what to do about this?
    It's not very efficient to have to rebuild the task every time I need to add a parameter.


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    Well I had a Drop Table statement in the SQL task that was causing the problem.

    Apparently if you have anything other than a SELECT, UPDATE, DELETE or INSERT you will get the error. It appears that if you want do other things in your DTS SQL Task you will need to get your parameters in first then add your DROPs and the like...I can run the package with table drops but I can't edit my parameters after the fact.

    ...more micro-joy.

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