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    Unanswered: having fun with combo boxes

    Hey guys,

    I've having more problems with those lovely things called combo boxes

    On my form, I have a set on combo boxes as follows:
    1. to select a degree title
    2. to select the year the degree starts in - which is requeryed on update of the degree title therefore only the years a particular degree is available in is shown.
    3. to select the year group the student is in.

    for example my student may be doing a Science degree, which started in 2005and are in their 2nd Year of study.

    I then have a sub form which shows me the modules that this student is enrolled on. This form is used to display which modules a student has already completed plus i wish to have the ability to add more modules dependant on the choices made in the combo boxes above. Therefore if my student is doing a Science degree, which started in 2005 and are in their second year of study only modules which apply to them should be shown in the module code and module title combo boxes.

    As either the module code or title may not be know, I have linked to two combo boxes so if i select a module code, the relevant title is automatically displayed.

    My problem at the moment is if i change the students year (e.g my student is now a third year) my module code and module title combos update as they should. BUT the module title for the previous entries disappear, and the module codes stay present as they should.

    I have tried copying the module code combo box and ammending it to show the titles instead but it still disappears on update of the students year.

    both the module code and module title combos are based on queries which look at the degree title, start year and student year combos.

    I'm sure its something really silly thats going wrong but I have no idea what..... any ideas anyone?

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    To confusing....provide a small sample DB using generic names etc. and provide a more detailed description of what you want to do.

    Leave out the word module in your description.

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    mmmm that was quite detailed, hey ho never mind.

    What i have is 3 combo boxes on a main form which basically filter out choices for 2 combo boxes on a subform (combo_code & combo_title).

    When combo_code is selected it finds the relavant title in combo_title or vice versa.

    What i want is the subform to list codes and title already selected, plus the ability to to add more items to the subform with the combo boxes on the subform being updated to reflect information entered in the combos on the main form. This again I am able to do.

    The problem I am having is retaining the title information held on the subform when the data in combos on the main form is changed. I think it is due to different choices being available and it only showing info when its available in the combos on the subform.

    The weird thing is though it doesnt matter what changes I make on the main form the information already stored in combo_code stays present regardless and if i go to add new information the updated list is shown as it should. But when i change the information on the main form, information already stored in combo_title blanks out, but the drop downs are populated as they should.

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