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    Unanswered: Proper casing of names

    I need help with a table that has been incorrectly formatted - the name (Includes first name and last name) - are all in uppercase. If I try to run the proper function over these fields (replace all name with proper(name) ) I get the first character of every name properly cased.

    There are some exceptions which don't work properly:
    1. JOHN DOE AND MARY DOE becomes John Doe And Mary Doe (the and)
    2. PETER O'TOOLE becomes Peter O'toole (the t after the ')
    3. PAUL MCCARTNEY becomes Paul Mccartney (the 2nd c)

    does anyone have any clue of fixing that.

    Please help!

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    See if this helps you any:

    Even more Fox stuff at

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