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    Unhappy Unanswered: DB2 Transactional Log.

    Hi. i'm new with DB2, any way to set non loging mode more DB2 ? like the concept in informix by setting the log device to null ?

    Reason is we need to import big amount of table creation, now it's always failed the the log is full.

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    Here are some options you have with DB2 utilities and regular SQL:

    1. To prevent logging of an SQL statement, alter the table to not logged initially, do the SQL, and run the script with auto-commit off. This will prevent logging, but make sure you commit at the end of the script (since auto-commit is off).

    2. Use the COMMITCOUNT option during the import. If you set it to 1000 or so, then the logs will not fill up.

    3. Do a LOAD with NONRECOVERABL option.
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