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    Unanswered: Sorting by more than 1 field?

    I currently have a database on music albums from various artists but what i can't figure out is how to sort by artist name then by the album release date so I have each artist in alphabetical order and then the albums released in order. I've tried a macro where it RunCommand then Action or sumin like that!
    I've tried using a query with nothing in the criteria bit and the Ascending selected for artist and release date, which turned out to be a failure too. Please help!

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    The query should have worked. Make sure that in design view, artist is to the left of release date, as Access uses the order the fields appear in to determine the order of precedence to sort.

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    are you trying to use this in a report, if so consider putting the sorting in the report as part of the sorting and grouping.

    Should you want to you can then include other information such as number of albums by artist (X), number of tracks by Artist (X), or should you even want to total length of tracks by artist (X). Not sure why you would want to, but yer never know.

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