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    Unanswered: dates and Time Comparisons

    got a quick question guys.

    if i use this to parse the current date to the right side of the time.
    right(getdate(),7) - i'll get something like 7:30AM.

    i also have Times stored in a column of a table, but as a string not a date time.
    it seems to compare okay, but when the time is say 1:30PM and im comparing it if its greater than or equal to (>=)to 7:30AM - it doesnt return.

    i think its ignoring the AM/PM Meridian Values and just comparing the numbers.

    is there a conversion i could use to do this?
    ive tried a military time conversion i found but it converts to hrs,min,milliseconds.
    convert(char(8),(convert(datetime,current_timestam p,113)),114)

    if anyone knows a good way to do this - i would appreciate it.

    thanks again

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    I think i may have a solution to this, but, i probably should make this a UDF.

    using military time and reading from the left rather than right :::
    select left(convert(char(8),(convert(datetime,'7:33AM',11 3)),114),5)
    gives me 07:33 -
    which if i compare it to
    select left(convert(char(8),(convert(datetime,'1:33PM',11 3)),114),5)

    i'll get 13:33 and can compare too 07:33 just fine.

    does that sound about right???

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