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    Arrow How to store selected songs ids in db

    Hi all i have a db for my music collection. It has one table with the following feilds on it:

    I already created pages that with checkboxes that user select indvidual songs and by click of play button it goes and plays those songs for me.

    Now i created another button next to play that it supposed to write the selected songs to db and save the ids of slected songs.Note: i use song ids to pull indvidual songs from db to be played by my song player!

    My problem is i do not how to design a few tables that keep track of selected songs for each user along with the name of playlist for each user!! In processs i do not want to modify my current table i just want to add more tables to help me achive what i want. I be happy if an expert tell me how i can create tables that store play list(selected songs)info for each user and later i be able to query them easily in order to pull out playlist of each user.Thanks

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    you may not want to modify you table design, but as laid out you have some significant design issues
    for example what happens if one song appears on more tghan one album?
    you have redundancy of data (eg storing album details and track details in the same record
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    songs script

    i would like to recommend you some pre made open source songs script . i don't create the tables and data base my self for songs . i simply download open source scripts and install them every things is fine in those scripts .

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