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    Unanswered: Help with SELECT query


    Can someone help me with the following select query as it doesn't seem to bring anything back in the Query Analyzer. I've tried two different methods, but get nothing.

    1st Method
    USE EmployerEngagement
    SELECT On_Stop
    FROM tblEmployer
    WHERE On_Stop = NULL AND Emp_ID IN
       (SELECT Emp_ID
        FROM tblWP_Details
        WHERE Record_ID IN
          (SELECT Record_ID
           FROM tblVetting
           WHERE Next_Vett_Date < GETDATE()))
    2nd Method
    USE EmployerEngagement
    SELECT On_Stop
    FROM tblEmployer INNER JOIN tblWP_Details
    ON tblEmployer.Emp_ID = tblWP_Details.Emp_ID INNER JOIN dbo.tblVetting
    ON tblWP_Details.Record_ID = tblVetting.Record_ID
    WHERE tblEmployer.On_Stop = NULL
    AND tblVetting.Next_Vett_Date < GETDATE()

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    see "SET ANSI_NULLS" in books online...

    change "where ... = NULL" to "where ... IS NULL"

    and see how you get on..



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    Thanks, I was just about to reply to say I've figured it out.

    I just realised that the field in question had a default value of 0 not Null.

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    on the wrong server
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    but did you get Bill's point about = Null. Nothing equals Null because Null is not a value. it is unknown or the abscence of value. So unless you play with the SQL Server settings, anytime you search for

    SELECT * FROM MyTable WHERE MyField = Null

    you will always get 0 rows.
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