Can someone provide me with high-level guidance to performance tuning for SQL 2000 OLAP? The machine has 4-CPUs, a SAN-disk, and 5.6 GB (that's an odd number) of memory. The primary thing I notice is that only about 1.2 GB of memory is ever used even under heavy load. The /3GB and /PAE switches are set, but I don't know whether these have an impact on OLAP similar to the relational database. The CPUs are busy (35% - 70%) utilization, but the disk is not. In any event, 5 people testing their own queries simulataneously is enough to slow down performance. I've seen some information regarding registry settings, and the only thing that sticks out to me as odd is that ProcessReadAhead on this server is set to 300 mb which seems low.

Also, does SQL Analysis Services (2005) utilize memory to a greater extent and more effectively than SQL Server 2000?

Thanks in advance.