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    Question Unanswered: Parameter List & Record Selection...

    I have a report with a paramter field.

    The user picks from a list. The list contains unique ID names that are used as part of the selection criteria.

    However, the users also want an option for ALL.

    {?Underwriter Account} = Paramater field
    {Report_claim.underwriter_account} = data field

    In the selection criteria, I have something like

    if {?Underwriter Account} <> '' then
    {Report_claim.underwriter_account} = {?Underwriter Account}

    But I also want to add an option for ALL, but what would {Report_claim.underwriter_account} = ?

    Also, how do I get the parameter list the user chooses from to automatically update its contents from the underlying database?

    Thanks - Darren

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    Try adding an asterisk into the list of parameter options (at the top works best).

    In your selection formula, you can then use "like" instead of equals:

    {?Underwriter Account} like Parameter field

    This works because "like" uses fuzzy matching and * is a wildcard that floats the rest of the string.

    Easy now I write it down, but it made my head hurt before I discovered it!

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