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    Unanswered: Minimum memory requirments to run SQL 2005 "Workstation" on Windows XP

    We have a couple XP machines with only 256Mb of RAM and have Windows 2000 client tools installed. What are the minimum hardware requirements for SQL 2005 (Workstation) on an XP desktop?

    My boss thinks since we have been blissfully ignorant and running fine with 256Mb then their is no need to upgrade memory in these machines.

    I need a link to backup my argument.

    This link wont help

    As it doesn't specify workstation requirments to run SQL 2005.

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    I am also trying to find out if it can run on XP HomeEdition as well as Professional... 256mg is small for a database server (even Workstation).
    I would think that you only have about 1/2 of that memory available for
    the db engine. How is the application that will hit the database ... how much
    data are you looking at ...


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    What I meant is the Client components (Workstation) used to be called client tools I think, and not the database engine itself.

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