I would like to connect a couple of table from a Oracle 9.2 Server into my Access XP project file (adp extension). That Access front-end file is linked to my SQL Server Database back-end.
To connect the table from Oracle I have created and configured a .udl file with the Oracle Provider for OLE DB and all the necessary information (Username and Password). The connection has succeeded.
I can see the server, tables and views from the Oracle database in the SQL Enterprise Manager and in my Access adp assistant but as soon as I am terminating to link the tables with the Access assistant for linked server I am getting that message : OLE DB Provider OraOLEDB.Oracle.1 reported an error : Provider caused a server fault in an external process.
I have tried to connect to the Oracle database with the Microsoft OLEDB Provider for Oracle but I am getting that message at the exact same point in the procedure of connection : ‘OLE DB Provider ‘myserver’ does not contain the table ‘mytable’. The table either does not exist or the user does not have the permissions on that table. The connection has succeeded with the current username and password, I do not know why it will block me at this point?
Anyone knows the solution for my problem?