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    Unanswered: Can I move Indexes to another drive?

    Using DB2 UDB v7.x in a Windows environment.
    We're having multiple performance issues due to minimal disk space, approximately 150 million records per month, having to offload and store records for 18 months and overall poor planning.

    The architect of this system asked me to move the indexes to another drive. I don't see where I would go to change or define where my indexes are located. I don't see anything regarding this in the online help either.

    Can one move the indexes to a seperate drive - other than the db itself?
    If so, how would one go about doing this correctly?

    Thank you in advance

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    Check the documentation for db2relocatedb .. IIRC, it was introduced in one of the fixpaks in V7 ..

    If you are not in that fixlevel yet, you can do a backup and redirected restore of the tablespace(s)


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    If the table is residing on DMS tablespace, then you can have index in another tablespace. That implies having index on different drive....

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    As mentioned above, the table must be created with a DMS tablespace and the "indexes in" clause must be used in the table create to specify a different tablespace.

    If you do the above, you can create the containers on the tablespace used for indexes on a separate drive or device.
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