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    Question Unanswered: Line spacing fun

    Does anyone out there know how and if you can make a multiline text box have different line spacing then the font size? In other words, if I have a text box that is 16 point that is sized to allow for two lines of data to be displayed on a report when necessary, can I make the text box so that the two lines (from one field in a table) are displayed closer together then the automatic sizing to save space and to look better with respect to the lines underneath it? What would be optimal for me would be if the top of the second line was close to touching the bottom of the first line. Thank you in advance for your time and your responses.

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    If I understand you correctly, try:

    1 go to your report you want to do this to and click design.
    2 click on the textbox field.
    3 right-click and choose Properties.
    4 on the format tab you will fine a field for a font name, Point size (16Pt) you can change this, and one for line spacing near the bottom (set to 0" usually).

    I usually don't play with the line spacing and to have the text closer together may make it harder to read imho, but try putting iin a negative # (-.15") as an example.

    I don't claim to be an expert and am always looking to learn and are still learning.

    Kevin M Carman

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    I have for years wanted to be able to do this. Unfortunately I have never found out a way to do it. In Access 2002 they added the Line Spacing property for TextBoxes, but it only adds space between lines.

    What I have done in the past, if the data allowed it, was to separate the two lines into two text boxes and then put them closer together. This only works if the text isn't too variable. Or if it is and there is a common pattern or way of splitting it appropriately. You could use a font like Courier (I forget what the type is called, but each letter takes up the same space) and then assign the first 30 characters to one text box, the next 30 to another and so on. It's not pretty but I have had to resort to it.

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