Currently I must manually complete the following commands to set a new new value for the "open objects" and "open indexes". I need a way script this process in a batch file.

COMMANDS RAN: This is nothing to script, these commands obtain the current values for open objects and open indexes.

isql -Usa -Pmanager -SCOP1_DS
execute sp_countmetadata "open objects"
execute sp_countmetadata "open indexes"

RESULTS: below are the results, there are 5124 user objects and 2122 user indexes. I need a way to be able to multiple these numbers by a set value and then use the new value and reset the user objects and user indexes. The question is how do I isolate the results for each result so I can run the calculations below. Here is the calculation I need:

current user objects * 1.05 = new value
current user indexes * 1.1 = new value

There are 5124 user objects in all database(s), requiring 6985 Kbytes of memory.

The 'open objects' configuration parameter is currently set to 500.
(return status = 0)
There are 2122 user indexes in all database(s), requiring 5902 Kbytes of memory.

The 'open indexes' configuration parameter is currently set to 5000.
(return status = 0)

SETTING THE NEW VALUES: Once I have the new values, I can set the ojects and indexes as seen below.

1> execute sp_configure "open objects", 5380
2> execute sp_configure "open indexes", 2334
3> go