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    Unanswered: SQL data migrattion question

    I have an existing SQL 7 server named HHARBR. HHARBR has a database named SPR with a table named "reportname" in it, the table has the name HHARBR embedded the table data.

    I migrated the HHARBR database SPR to a second server called HHARBR2. When I look into the table in HHARBR2 I still see the name HHARBR in the data.

    What command can I run on HHARBR2 to change the table entries of HHARBR to the new server name of HHARBR2?

    I prefer something I can run in the Query Analyzer

    Source server: HHARBR
    Source Database: SPR
    Source Datbase Table: reportname

    Destination Server: HHARBR2
    Destination Databse: SPR
    Destination Table: reportname

    Change wrong server name in destination server to reflect the destinations server name

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    If the data is in a column by itself, a simple update will do the job. If it is within a character string, you will have to do some string manipulation to allow the additional character into the string (refer to charindex and patindex in Books OnLine (BOL)).

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