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    Unanswered: Help on Restore Oracle 9i DBF files into Windows XP server

    Dear All,

    Not sure if this topic has been discussed before but I dont seem to be able to locate any when i perform a search.

    Can any experts kindly guide me on the followings:

    1) I have just installed Oracle 9i ver 9.2.0 into a Window XP Server. Everything went smoothly so this is not an issue. The controlfiles, redo files, system01.dbf etc were created.

    2) I have to restore the DBF files into the new database, how am i going to restore the data to the database? Can anyone show me the process?

    3) Actually the DBF files were copied from another XP server. I have stopped the Oracle services and zip up the file and move it to the new XP server. (is this the right way?)

    I'm really kinda stuck here so would really appreciate some form of help here. Many Thanks.


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    If you moved EVERY required file into the exact same location on the new server, then just open the database.
    It won't know it resides on a different system.
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    Hi Thanks for the hint.

    So which means I will need to know the EXACT path of all the datafiles which were residing in the other server?

    Do I need to make the database off-line 1st?

    Thanks again.

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