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    Arrow Save costs - develop offshore!

    Are you going to develop software or website? International company with teams in India, China, Romania, Russia and other countries will be glad to help you.
    We are working only with professional programmers and designers. References from USA and UK are available.
    Software languages/ tools: ASP.NET, ASP, PHP, ColdFusion, Javascript, VBscript, DHTML
    Regular Programming: VB.NET, VB, PowerBuilder, Delphi, Access
    Databases: MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, Sybase, Access, DB-2

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    Many of us would like to thank you for assisting in eroding the US economy. With companies like you that promote really cheap labor and export jobs, well qualified US programmers and other professionals find themselves working at restaurants or other menial jobs to help support their families. Your promotion of cheap labor drags down the industry as a whole and only serves to make the corporations richer... plus yourselves of course, I am sure you make a hefty profit out of it.

    While the people performing the work may be well qualified, you are training companies that use you to not bother paying a fair wage to a US employee. Why should they pay $30 an hour when they can pay 3 dollars a day ? because a circular economy shows that if you suddenly slash the wages going into your resident workforce they can no longer afford to consume the products you are selling.

    Company A is a mortgage company and wants to build a website, so instead of paying their internal staff to do the job, they outsource it for a few dollars a day. Company A gets their cheap website, and lays off their programming staff because now they outsource everything. Company A also decides to out source their call center for cheap labor and lays off hundreds of their local staff.

    In addition to massive profits, that year company A has several extra home foreclosures on its books that drove its rates higher.

    My mortgage company is GMAC. Around 2002 they decided to outsource their call center, I think to India. In addition to barely being able to understand anything when I have to call them, it is close to impossible to get anything accomplished because they have restricted abilities to deal with issues when they need resolved. After asking the same freaking question 5 times of different "customer service" reps and getting repetitive stupefied answers that had nothing to do with the question, I gave up.

    According to this google search, that outsourcing of the call center was responsible for an 85% reduction in staff locally. One of those was a friend of mine. After months of trying to find new "gainful" employment his family ended up loosing their house to foreclosure because of lack of adequate income. Guess who the mortgage company was that foreclosed on the house ?

    Of course to GMAC it’s a win – win situation because now they can resell the house at normal market prices and make even more money on the deal. I wonder how many other former staff members had their houses foreclosed on by GMAC because they no longer could afford to pay the bills ?

    a few days ago, GM announced they are going to do massive outsourcing.
    "GM to outsource $15B in information tech"

    At minimum, $300 million of that will end up with in India. I say at minimum because I know that the others who were awarded outsourcing also use companies in India as subcontractors.

    I wonder how many former GM workers are going to have their cars repossessed when they cant afford to pay the bills ?

    Plus of course.. I really want my sensitive and proprietary company software or personal information being developed in a country like China where you can find a "Rolex" for $14.95.

    From all of us that resent what you do.
    Thank you for making our lives more complicated on so many levels. Hope you enjoy the money you make off it. When you pass homeless people on the street please don’t be stingy, but instead share your new wealth and give them a couple of bucks. After all, you may have helped put some of them there.
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    Providing Technology services to non profit orgs, Homeless Shelters, Food Pantries, Clean And Sober Houses and more.
    To date we have given away over 900 free computers !
    caeli enarrant gloriam Dei !

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