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    Unhappy Unanswered: ora-02019

    Hi to all,
    I face a problem when doing the updating data.
    My scenario :-

    2 databases called
    i) HQ database
    ii) State Database

    All the data from 'state database' will update into 'HQ database'. User can get the data from HQ too. ( through our apllication).
    But when i update data at 'State database' it give the error
    Below is my list of table update :
    1) rtt_empr
    2) rtt_trx
    3) rtt_aud
    4) rtt_brn
    5) rtt_med

    I found that my updating stop at table rtt_aud , and come up error 'ora-02019'.
    my question now are :
    i) What meanning of 'ora-02019' ?
    ii) What causing this kind of error happen ?
    iii) Why it could happen ?

    Thanks to all experts there.


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    ORA-02019 connection description for remote database not found

    Cause: An attempt was made to connect or log in to a remote database using a connection description that could not be found.

    Action: Specify an existing database link. Query the data dictionary to see all existing database links. See your operating system-specific Net8 documentation for valid connection descriptors
    Does the list of tables to be updated follows their actual order in the script? If so, it means that 'rtt_empr' and 'rtt_tnx' tables are successfully updated. Did you perhaps make a typo while typing the connection descriptor? Database link *should* be OK if first two tables got updated ...

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