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    Red face Unanswered: Oracle RAC vs. Sybase Cluster

    Hi all,

    Again, another silly question.

    I've been told that a Sybase cluster installation can be set up with some nodes exclusively doing reads and other nodes exclusively doing writes.

    Can Oracle 10 RAC be configured such that, for example, one of the instances reads only and another writes only?

    Can you point me to some documentation on this?


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    You cant do that in Oracle unless you configure your app to fire selects at one node and DML to another. However Oracle does not suffer from the locking/contention issues which plague Sybase and Sqlserver so there is much less need to do this. It used to be the case that Oracle8 OPS used to ship data using the shared disk between nodes but this is no longer the case. In effect Oracle are trying to make the cluster be as app transparent as possible.


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