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    Unanswered: I need these urgently

    Hello Java Experts,

    I need 3 small java program source code. Plzzzz mail me at these 3 program's code. This is for my little brother and I am really busy so cant manage time to complete them.Plzzzzzz help me...ASAP

    Task 1

    Collection, Inheritance, File Handling, Exceptions

    A company has a text file which includes a list of its supplier’s details:

    Company name

    Company address

    Company telephone numbers

    Company web address

    It is assumed that the company name is unique within the file, that is, a company name does not

    occur more than once.

    Create a Java program that:

    • Reads the information from the text file and creates a TreeMap structure.

    • Has the necessary methods for adding or deleting new records to this list.

    • Displays the list of all the companies in alphabetical order.

    Task 2

    Applet, Class, Inheritance, GUI, Event Handling,

    There is a requirement for a Java Applet to provide a simple drawing tool with the following


    • To provide a drop down menu for shapes such as circle, rectangle or triangle.

    • To provide a drop down menu for colours such as yellow, green or red.

    • A user can use this menu to draw the shapes as needed and fill them with the required colour.

    • A “clear” button is also needed which can be used to clear the screen for a fresh start.

    Use Java to implement this specification.

    Task 3

    Class, Inheritance, Mutual Exclusion, Exception Handling

    In a contrived car-manufacturing factory robots are cooperating in assembling a car. There are five

    robots which share a common 10-slot stand. Two producer robots put each of the parts needed in

    one of the empty slots in the stand. Three consumer robots take the parts from the stand as needed.

    Two conditions are to be observed in sharing this common 10-slot stand between the five robots:

    • A consumer robot cannot take a part out of any of the slots in the stand if all the slots are


    • A producer robot cannot place a part in any of the slots if all the slots are full.

    Use the Thread facility of Java to implement this specification.

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    Hi Mahfuz,

    It would help your little brother - - more if he did these assignments himself.

    If he gets stuck on any details, he can post what he has done and seek help.


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    I've a feeling he's his own little brother...

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