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    Unanswered: Instance Restore

    Just out of curiosity.

    Assuming that I have dropped my instance by mistake is it possible to restore it back? (Ofcourse I have not removed the sqllib & its sub-directory)

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    drop instance

    which command
    if db2idrop has been used, sqllib will be removed from instance owner homedir
    the database is not lost..
    db2icrt ... to create the instance again
    db2 catalog db on /xxx/xx wherever the db was created initially
    Hope this will help
    Best Regards, Guy Przytula
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    oh, If I use db2idrop will it remove the folder as well. Thanks for alerting me about it. That solves lot of my questions. So the bottom line is if I use db2idrop and drop the instance then it cant be restored back. Am I right ?

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    If you drop an instance, the instance is gone, but the databases are still there. The instance is basically the DB2 code (or symbolic links to the DB2 install directory) along with a catalog of included databases.

    So you would recreate the instance and catalog the existing database to the new instance.

    May you could practice with a new instance that you drop.
    M. A. Feldman
    IBM Certified DBA on DB2 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows
    IBM Certified DBA on DB2 for z/OS and OS/390

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