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    Ok - I have a problem which I have narrowed down to the following :

    If I use the "weekday(mydate)" function on a dataset held in a table it works fine.
    However, if I use it on a dataset which is a query based on a table, it doesn't work.

    For example :

    - I have 100,000 records in tbl_data
    - I have qry_data which pulls all data from tbl_data, and also has a couple of additional fields, one of which is "weekday(mydate). (The main reason for the query is to add a couple of fields and I need certain column headings, and I can't change them in the table)
    - I then have a grouped query (qry_group) based on the qry_data, which groups by date, shows the day, and provides the number of records per day etc.

    However, the problem comes when I want to only pick up data for weekdays.
    In qry_group, the 'mydate' field shows the days wrong - i.e. it shows Today as weekday "5", when it should be "6"

    This is even though it shows correctly when I run the main query (qry_data).

    To further complicate matters, if I set qry_data as a "make-table" query and run qry_group on the table instead, it works fine !!!

    Can anyone offer any advice on this matter please ?


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    have a look at the Weekday() function in VBA-help. you can set the first day of the week definition - my guess is that forcing your preferred definition of first day throughout the application will solve the problem. to WHY your tables behave and your queries don't: dunno

    currently using SS 2008R2

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