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    Unanswered: does a view refresh itself when i reference it? (was "Question On Views")

    guys, ive never worked with Views before so forgive me.
    i know how to create one, and that it creates a virtual table in memory, but i've got one small question.

    if i create a view:

    CREATE view dbo.myView
    select Distinct FirstName,LastName from SomeTable

    When ever i reference that view, such as
    Select FirstName,LastName
    from myView
    where LastName like 'Jo%'

    does that View Refresh itself??

    in other words does it run each time i Reference it??? or is it static from when i created it.

    Wouldnt it be easier just to use a #TempTable or some other Table thats used to hold a few values?

    thanks for any help

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    Dont worry man ,view is not static .It always fetch records from base table.It is uptodate unless u r using index on views
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    You know - I've always thought that the definition of a view as something like a virtual table as very confusing. When I studied relational databases the chapter on views made an assumption that the reader would be very confused at what differentiated a view from a table and spent line after line emphasising the difference. "No " thought I "I can very well differentiate a view from a table - what the flip is the distinction between a view and a query?"

    The way I tend to think of views (indexed views excluded) is that a view is best thought of as a persistent, optimised, stored query that can usually be treated in the same way that you would treat a table as far as viewing data is concerned. It is, however, just that - a view of the data. As such, it does not store any data itself. Every time you call it it views the data afresh.

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    thank you guys so much. that's exactly the answer i was looking for.
    thanks again

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