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    Unanswered: Paradox 8 problems

    We have been running this program for many, many years. The operating system on my PC is XP Pro and until now I have not had a problem.

    I had some issues with personal folders which have now been corrected but now the Project Viewer does not come up (even when selected) and the Export file function does not work. When I try to export, the form which comes up is limited and is called "Delimited ASCII Export". I cannot select the folder or file to export nor the format or folder in which it is to export. I have to type in the entire entry.

    My personal folder has a long name now and Paradox did not like this so I moved all my data files to a different folder and this may be the cause.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Red face try going into bde and renaming the aliases

    Depending on the programmer the working directory and aliases or if hard coded the table links within the forms have been changed and so can no longer find the data. If it is alias based than you should be able to go into bde and modify it. If it is in the forms than (if the forms are not "delivered") you can go into design and edit the object properties, if they are compiled forms then you will have to recreate them or find the undelivered forms they were compiled from and recompile them.

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