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    Unanswered: Problem in linking ODBC database - object library not registered


    Please help, I'm trying to attached / link ODBC database and the error message said

    Microsoft Visual Basic
    Object library not registered

    when I try to Get External Data and Link Tables, the Files of Types option shown:
    ODBC database () ---- "with ()"

    when I try on other PC (ODBC have no problem), the files of Types option
    ODBC database ---- "no ()"

    I've tried to reinstalled the Office (Office 2003), but it won't works
    anyone could help?


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    Hi, a couple of things to check. First, go to a code window and go to the tools... references on the menubar. Look at your references and make sure you have the correct db references set with your db.

    Second, go to start...settings...control panel...administrative sources and open the odbc data source administrator. Look at your user dsn settings and make sure that you have the right db connection setup. If you are connecting to an oracle db, make sure that you use the proper Oracle components installed. Oracle will use a tnsnames.ora file that will contain the connection string information. If it is working properly you should be able to execute a sqlplus test successfully.

    Hope this helps.



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