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    Unanswered: division

    Hi all,

    I have a list of teaching subjects, each subject consists of lecture, tutorial and practical. The list of subjects are repeated as there are a certain number of classes taking each subject.

    Example: For Science, I have 2 lecture groups (made up of classes) and 6 tutorial groups (individual classes) as well as 6 practical groups(individual classes). Each group has a unique name.

    I want to take the number of tutorial groups or practical groups (either one) and divide them by the number of lecture groups to know how many classes are in each lecture group (lecture group is equally made up of classes).

    How can I do this? Please help. Thank you.

    Here is my code, I do not know how about to continue it, where I need to check for the number of classes in a particular lecture group. I am not sure how to sure the countdistinct or whether it is suitable for this need.

    Sub allocate()
        Dim modcode(700) As String
        Dim actcode(700) As String
        Dim modcode1(700) As String
        Dim actcode1(700) As String
        Dim actno(700) As String
        Dim sesspattern(700) As String
        Dim staffassign(700) As String
        Dim arrLectgrp(700, 700) As Variant
        Dim size(700) As Integer
        Dim session(700) As String
        Dim staff(700) As String
        Dim activity(700) As String
        lrow = Cells(Rows.Count, "B").End(xlUp).Row
        j = 1
        For i = 350 To lrow
            'If Cells(i, "B") <> Cells(i + 1, "B") Then
                If InStr(1, Cells(i + 1, "B"), "IT", vbTextCompare) = 1 Then     'to store subject codes, activity code (which in this case only lecture) for lectures only
                If Cells(i + 1, "C") = "LEC" Then
                    modcode(j) = Cells(i + 1, "B")      'subject code
                    actcode(j) = Cells(i + 1, "C")      ' activity code (only lecture)
                    actno(j) = Cells(i + 1, "D")
                    sesspattern(j) = Cells(i + 1, "F")
                    staffassign(j) = Cells(i + 1, "G")
                    j = j + 1
                End If
                End If
            'End If
        Next i
        For l = 350 To lrow
            'If Cells(i, "B") <> Cells(i + 1, "B") Then
                If InStr(1, Cells(i + 1, "B"), "IT", vbTextCompare) = 1 Then    'to store subject codes, activity code (tutorial/practical) for tutorials and practicals only
                If Cells(i + 1, "C") = "TUT" Or "LAB" Then
                modcode1(k) = Cells(i + 1, "B")     'subject code
                actcode1(k) = Cells(i + 1, "C")     'activity code (whether tutorial or lab)
                k = k + 1
                End If
                End If
            'End If
        Next l
        'to check for the number of classes in each modcode(j) lecture by dividing the number of tutorial or practical classes for particular modcode(j)
        'lecture groups of same modcode will consist same number of classes
        Application.ScreenUpdating = True
        MsgBox "Lectures Allocated"
    End Sub

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    An assignment?

    welcome deeem,

    Can you clarify the programming/logic and work on coding that? I think if you do that, you'll sort it out yourself. Good luck.

    If however you do become stuck on some specific programming syntax/coding, please post again.


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