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    Unanswered: How tell sql to consider a value as Date Time

    as you know when you want to tell sql to conside a value as STRING, put a " around the value.
    i want it for date value, somethin that works like this for me: CONVERT(datetime,'2003-06-07').
    in some languages # around the values works, but in sql?

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    If you present a SQL string that is in the ISO 8601 format (CCYY-MM-DD), anywhere that a date is acceptable, SQL Server will automagically convert it to a date for you. I don't know of any prefix or quote character that will force the conversion.


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    pat, i think you forgot to mention that the yyyy-mm-dd value must actually be presented inside single quotes

    you cannot say WHERE orderdate = 2006-02-28

    you have to say WHERE orderdate = '2006-02-28'

    bono mentioned using #'s around the value, which works in access, and was asking about what to use in sql server

    the answer is single quotes | @rudydotca
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