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    Recently, I had Microsoft review why our SQL Db was unexpectedly terminating. They pointed to our Oracle Linked servers. They recommended that we try to uncheck the enable allow in process option on the ODBC driver. We are currently using the Microsoft OLE Db provider for our Oracle connnections as we were unable to get the Oracle ones to work with a linked server. When we unchecked this allow in process option near the end of the day our website began getting out memory errors from ODBC. It appeared to have been because of this change. Does anyone have any insight as to why changing this option could have caused this?

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    I had a similar issue years ago with Visual FoxPro (chills down the spine) and SQL Server. I think the issue you are experiencing is because SQL Server has a max memory setting and when something is running in process it can not exceed this setting. If you allow something to run out of process, it can gobble up as much memory on the server that it wants to.

    As for what we did to fix it, I do not remember. Sorry. You might want to check if your sql server dynamically configures memory. The max memory a sql server can handle depends on the edition the OS and the hardware.
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