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    Unanswered: Not in the list

    I have the following problem.I have a form and a subform based on a query,and this query does not allow the choice of other products.And it is quite logical, since the parameter is (SELECT Max([orderid]) FROM orders).
    Naturally no other product can be chosen. I am wondering can i find a trick with both to have the cake and to eat it.I mean to preserve the condition and at the same time to be able to choose and add other products from the table products.Shall i change the source or use some NotIn the List methods?

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    What???? A little less metaphor and a little more detail would help ... Exactly where are these products supposed to be loaded?
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    Edit order

    Mt problem is the following.If you open the subform and try to choose say the fourth product,when closing the form you will get the following message:
    "The Microsoft Jet database engine cannot find a record in the table orders with key matching fieldss 'orderid' My question is can i make the subform accept also edditing and adding new products under the same order number ? In my example, the last order is 5791 and consists of two products: First Products and Third Products.I want to add to this order say Fourth Products.But my form does not allow it.Can i make it accepting editing of the order?
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