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    Unanswered: link/hyperlink to Word document in table (was "Simple Question..")

    OK i might be making a school boy error here, i want to link to Word documents in my DB, so i tried storing a link in a table field under the datatype "hyperlink"... however when i click on the link the DB doesnt seem to like it and brings up the error of "cannot open specified file"...

    Does anyone have any suggestions here?

    Cheers, Ross

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    Have a look at the attached sample db. I have used text and not hyperlinks in the table (made them look like hyperlinks in the form with underline and blue)

    Before you try it go to the table and change C:\Temp\hyperlink.doc to what ever will link to a word document.

    If all of your word doucments are held in the same path / Folder (e.g H:\All Document) then you could hard code that and the .doc extension and just show the doument name (e.g Hyperlink).

    Hope this helps.
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    John A

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