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    Scheduling app table design

    writing a scheduling application is ASP.Net. Not sure the best way to get the table structure to represent monthes, weeks, days, time. In other words I need the concept of a schedule for hours worked. So I need to store employee schedules so when tasks are assigned the system knows who is working what hours and who has tasks already assigned.

    So data would be
    Employee1 hours week of blah, mon 9-5, tues 5 - 10, wed 9-5

    Any thoughts.

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    Hmm let me have a quick stab at it...

    According to my attached diagram, an employee has exactly one schedule, and any particular schedule can only belong to exactly one employee.
    A schedule consists of many workdays (like Mon 9-5, Tues 5-10) but each specific workday record belongs to only 1 schedule (although you can obviously add many of the same days/hours to different schedules)

    This would convert to:

    EMPLOYEE (employee_id, employee_name, employee_address...)
    SCHEDULE (schedule_id, employee_id, schedule_datecreated, schedule_isactive...)
    WORKDAY (workday_id, schedule_id, workday_startdate, workday_enddate, workday_complete...)

    ...where underlined attributes are primary keys and italics are foreign keys and workday_startdate and workday_enddate could be attributes of type "DATETIME" (stored like: '2006-03-01 09:00:00') with a few other attributes i added off the top of my head for things like making a sched inactive and marking whether a workday for a particular employee's sched was completed
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    Thanks for the feedback. I'm going to play around with that and see how it works out. I was going in another direction that was not working out at all. The project is for a Masters Program so it does not have to be production quality but it does have to work.

    Thanks again
    More questions to come I'm sure

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