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    Unanswered: Sending Email - Format the wordings

    I have a textarea with some lines, for example,

    1. abc
    2. fhfg
    3. jikl

    When i send an email, what will appear in the email will be: 2.fhfg 3. jikl

    I'm using asp... can anyone tell me how can i make my words appear like what i have type, instead of all appearing togther?

    when i send the email, i request.form that textarea values..

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    the email is going out as HTML then ?

    i think you need to convert the vbCrLf to a "<br>"

    every time you hit enter, that is a combination of a Carriage Return and a Line Feed (CrLf) your using vbScripting, so that combo is built into the scripting language (vbCrLf) converting the enter key into HTML Line Breaks (<BR>) will give you the proper formatting.
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    thanx! i solved it..

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