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    General design question - all one db?

    This is my first post here. I own and operate a small ecommerce business. It is growing, and I want to bring my data from each department into one db.

    One main goal is to eliminate duplicate data entry. Basically, I want all my data to be related, and use views to create apps (mostly web based) to run business (back end) and power web site (sells products that I ship) and handling accounting data (inventory values, cogs, taxes, etc)

    I am about 1/3 the way through a good book, "DB design for Mere Mortals SE"...and I'm excited about the posibilities. Ok, now my question.

    If I put all of my companies data in one db, will the size of it eventually slow down my web site? Should I put large subjects in there own db, and somehow relate multiple dbs?

    To elucidate, I want to capture:

    All customer contact (CRM) - including history of all emails sent, order conf, ship conf, marketing blasts, etc...
    All product, vendor, order / sales data
    Web site templates and content
    All accounting info (to reconcile monthly)
    Site visitor logs and other ecommerce related marketing data

    My apps will be able to generate POs for product, maintain web site, track marketing - including affiliate tracking & payments, etc.

    I'll be replacing quickbooks, and my current web creation / mgt tool, and adding tightly integrated CRM, and probably some other data.

    I am open to all comments, and can provide more info to clarify...thanks!
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