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    I am trying to create a spreadsheet to help keep track of items sent to vendor for repair.
    I would like to be able to copy and paste 60 items from another sheet when sent out then when they are returned paste again but have serial numbers match up.
    serial num. model type pallet rma num. date sent
    drrffdss0123 d100 123 25614588 12/02/2006

    These would be in colums a,b,c,d and e pasted 60 rows at a time
    Then i want to paste another 60 rows in g,h and i
    date returned serial num. pallet num
    22/02/2006 ghyjtygh2356 325

    if the serial number in "h" matches a serial number in "a" then i would like them to automaticly line up so i can trace the item on one line e.g when sent,on what pallet and rma number and when returned on what pallet.

    I have an example i can send if anyone can help!!!!!!!!!

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    The posting of the returned data on 60 rows in columns "G:I" doesn't sound right, somehow. Maybe that could be posted on a separate sheet and used as a reference table to populate data in columns "G:I".

    For example, at its simplest via VLOOKUP on the serial number. Or otherwise more complex methods.

    To be clearer, have one worksheet with columns "A:E". Have a second worksheet with "return data". Populate columns "G:I" on the first worksheet from the "return data" on the second worksheet.

    On the "returned data" worksheet you could identify any items that were not found in the first worksheet and highlight them. Items that are shown as returned but not on the list of outgoing items.

    BTW, this could be very suitable for use in MS Access or some other database. You could use Excel's SQL abilities to handle the data like a proper database. Depends on your requirements. Then again, maybe I don't correctly understand your requirements.

    If you already have some code, can you please post it?


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