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    Exclamation Unanswered: Replication problem

    Hi all.

    I work for a chain of stores and I want to ask some things.

    We have two programs:

    The first one is for head office, we suppose that his name is Head Office
    The second one is for every store the same and we suppose that his name is Store

    Till now, two programs were made in MS Access. Every day are made communications between the stores and Head Office.

    The Store has built-in a process of exporting to Head, with which it puts all the information added in one day (basically the selling, buys and transfers) in a database also Access that is compressed in zip and is sent to Head Office across the e-mail. This operation it does of every shop after closing in the night. In the following day in the morning, the Head office imports the .mdb from each shop separatelly (this before opening the shops), in a process of import of shop. As soon as all the imports were done, in Head Office there is a process that re-calculates the stocks and updates the principal database. After, the Head office has another process of exporting towards the shops, the new stock and some of the changes done in the previous day in Head Office, changes that are sent to the stores to make the computing of the inventory and other things (ex-. if there are new providers, or new families, etc.) This proces also generate one database Access, which is sent to stores across the e-mail. The whole process of recalculation and sending it takes a few minutes. And finally, the stores import the mail, which is the same for all, in a built-in process of importing from Head, where some tables are independent from store and are imported completely en each store, and other tables have the information that belong to more than one store and each store import only the data that belong to that store. The import in stores does before opening the stores.
    This is for now.

    From almost two months, I work to change the two programs to adp projects (FE), using MS SQL Server in head office and MSDE in shops (BE). Almost I have finished with the translation. But I don't know how to do the communications, I have read enough on the replication and really don't know what type of replication is better for my case.

    Some suggestions?

    Greetings to all,


    PS. Sorry for my poor english, I'm not a native.

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    Hi koci, and don't warry for your english, my english is realy baddd.
    now, let me know your problem.

    you have a system when your db is MS Access, and the "replication" is make by your program in a bach process, and you need know what replication type use in SQL Server?

    ok, the sql server have three type of sync.
    1. snapshot (in your case NO)
    2. transactional (maybe, but, do you analize the connection, transaccion for day, etc, or you db log size increment much)
    3. merge (OK)

    in yor case: MERGE

    I have a system very "parecido", and I use the merge, this type of replication is very good for system when not 100% of time was connected, you can run then replication from the Windows Synchronize and/or schedule the sync.

    Espero te sirva, y que entiendas lo que quise poner.

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    Gracias, achiola, voy a probar este tipo de replicacion, I will try this type of replication.



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