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    Unanswered: Error Exporting FoxPro 2.5 DOS table to SQL Server

    Using the Import/Export Data Wizard, I'm trying to export a FoxPro 2.5 DOS (as dBase III) table of 15,000 records to SQL Server 2000. I keep getting this error message:
    Insert Error, Column 32 ('PROG_START',DBTYPE_DBTIMESTAMP), Status 6: Data Overflow.
    Invalid character value for cast specification.

    I have SQL Server create the table each time I run the wizard. The new table allows NULLS in this column and I made sure to overwrite the empty date fields in the FoxPro table with blanks to make sure it would result in NULL. Originally SQL Server tried to put this as SMALL DATETIME, but when I got the message earlier, I changed it to DATETIME.

    Any suggestions?

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    1) can you run a select in the fox tables, for example:
    select min(col), max(col) from myTable

    2) do you use any function to transform the fox date to sql date?


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    My first guess would be that you've got some data for 02/29/00, which Fox mis-interprets at 1900-02-29 (which it shouldn't accept, but it did).

    If that isn't correct, the only thing I could offer would be that if you'll post the DBF (and any associated NDX, NTX, or CDX) files, I'd be willing to take a shot at converting them tonight.


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    The problem is that it isn't always the same record that I'm getting the error. I'm getting this error with different tables I'm trying to convert and they all have numerous records with blank Date fields that are causing the problem.
    Pat, thank you for your offer. I can try to come up with a sample data set to send to you or give you one of the smaller tables that give this error. Which would you prefer.

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