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    I have an ACCESS DB that I am working with. This database has a table called tbl_Process_Owners that is linked to a tbl_Main.

    Basically, when the main form is populated who ever started that record selects an employee name from the cbo box that is linked to tbl_Process_Owners.

    Some employees are no longer with the company but they have created reports/records. How can we get rid of the names so they do not display on the cbo box, however the integrity of the Database does not change.


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    have you got a flag or marker in you employee table which identifies which employees are still with the company. if so alter the row source of the combo box accordingly. If not I'd suggest you create such a column.

    the rowsource to the combo box can be changed by addign a "where" clause
    eg "select EmployeeID, EmployeeName from DTEmployees where IsCurrentEmployee=TRUE order by EmployeeName;"
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