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    Unanswered: OEM and Node Domain User (log on as batch privilege)

    Running Oracle 9i OEM (, Windows 2000 SP4, Windows 2003 Active Directory.

    I am new to OEM; I have been able to deploy it and have enlisted about 6 different servers into the framework (3 9i, 3 8i). I have successfully configured alerts and several other features, but I am currently experiencing an issue when trying to create a scheduled job.

    I have entered default preferred credentials for the node object(s). These preferred credentials are for a domain user with local admin privileges on the server (and also member of the ORA_DBA group). When I create the job, however, I get an error indicating that the user does not have the "Log on as batch" privilege. The text of the error messaged displayed in the OEM log is:
    VNI-2015 : The Node preferred credentials for the target node are either invalid 
    or do not have sufficient privileges to complete the operation. 
    On Windows platforms, the Node credentials specified for the Windows target 
    should have the "Logon as a batch job" privilege.
    On the Windows 2000 Server Security Event Log, I see the following error message (edited for OPSEC):
    Logon Failure:
     	Reason:		Unknown user name or bad password
     	User Name:	[Domain\User]
     	Domain:		[DOMAIN]
     	Logon Type:	4
     	Logon Process:	Advapi  
     	Authentication Package:	MICROSOFT_AUTHENTICATION_PACKAGE_V1_0
     	Workstation Name:	[SERVER]
    The two errors are related by the timestamp.

    When I substitute a local user account in the "Override node preferred credentials" on the first tab, I am able to successfully schedule the job. When I change the override account back to the Domain user account, the error returns. I am sure that I have the right Domain user account and password. I am able to use the "Run As" feature and enter the credentials of the Domain user account successfully.

    I would sincerely prefer to use a domain account since I perceive that it would make my life easier in the long run (fewer accounts/passwords to maintain, etc). I had understood from the Oracle 9i for Windows handbook that using a Domain account was permissible.

    Is there something that I can do to enable the domain account to schedule a job through OEM?


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    So, did you add the "logon as batch job" priv to the admin account? This will likely fix the VNI-2015 problem...
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    Quote Originally Posted by joebednarz
    So, did you add the "logon as batch job" priv to the admin account? This will likely fix the VNI-2015 problem...
    The domain account did have the "logon as batch job" privilege. I was never able to successfully configure OEM to work with a domain account. I use a common local admin account on all Oracle servers and rely on passthrough authentication.

    I am beginning to think that "Oracle is #1 on Windows" is a really big April Fool's joke.


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