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    Unanswered: Printing defaults on a button

    Hello there peeps,

    I need a little help if you please.

    I have a database with about 800 records in. I print them out 4 records per page. To do this i select the current record then

    Go, File > Print > "Selected Records" > Setup

    Then I type in 1 of 4 set numbers in the "Top" margin box (30mm, 86mm, 142mm, 198mm)

    Then Ok to print

    What i'd like to do instead, is have 4 buttons on my screen one that prints the current selected record at 80mm from top, the second 86mm from top etc. I have created the buttons and managed to get them to print the current record but only in the defaul position

    Can I assign a position to each print button?

    Many Thanks in advance

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    Hi there, just wondering if anybody has any ideas.

    thanksly muchly

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