Hello all.
I have this kind of problem, which is only partially ASP-related. maybe I will post on other forums as well.
we use a lot of DTS packages (files) to do various tasks in our web applications.

to launch a DTS package from ASP, we followed this sequence:

-first of all, we created a small function to acces the Wscript object

function LaunchFile(FileName)
dim sCommand
dim Res
sCommand = "cmd /c " & FileName & VbCrLf
set objWSH = Server.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
Res = objWSH.Run(sCommand, 0, True)
set objWSH = nothing
end function

-then from ASP we call the LaunchFile function, with the path of a .bat file as argument.

the .bat file contains just one instruction:

dtsrun /F \\\mywebsite\dts\dts00001.dts >\\\mywebsite\dts\log\dts00001.txt

this worked flawlessly... as long as the web server ran on Windows 2000 server.
with Windows 2003 server this does not work any longer. SQL Server version is 2000 in both cases.
the problem seems to be related to DTSRun ONLY. I can launch calc.exe, or excel, and the task appears in task manager.
we also tried to launch DTSRun as the database administrator with the /U and /P options but with no success.

I also wrote a silly DLL with VB6 to launch applications; I created a reference to it from within ASP and tried to execute programs; it succesully launches everything; but obviously fails with DTSRun...

I must say I am more into programming than into System Administration, so maybe I am missing something important here.

any suggestion is greatly appreciated