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    Unanswered: Running 97 and 2003 simultaneously

    For development reasons I need to have Access 2003 and Access 97 installed at the same time. Does anyone know what I have to do to stop conflicts with Dll files etc. ?

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    Not exactly, but these links might get you part way there...

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    Issues with 97 and 2003

    You may want to try this on a cloned Access mdb and see if you have this problem -

    On the machine which has both 97 and 2003, try getting into an Access mdb (make a copy of one you already have, either 97 or 2003) and import a form, report or module (from another mdb you already have). Without debugging it, change some code/create a new control, module, etc.. Close the mdb file (again without debugging it). Open it again and then try debugging it.

    I'm curious if you get a nasty error. Please let me know.
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