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    Unanswered: convert into application


    I'm being to think i'm going insane.... maybe you guys can help.

    It is possible to covert a database created in access into an application whereas the users can not change the design in anyway. I'm sure i have done this before using some sort of wizard or magically option but I cant for the life of me find it in access 2003 please dont tell me they have taken it away

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    Not sure what you mean by Application. If you mean a standalone exe file then you can't and couldn't. There is no means of creating a standalone exe file from within Access. The other alternative is to split your DB into front end and back end. If this is your option, go to Tools>Database Utilities>Database Splitter.

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    save the file as an mde: transferrs all pcode & runtime information to the the MDE, but not the design data. users must have a copy of Access to run the app, they are unable to make changes to the design of anything. You can also deploy an MDE with a copy of Access Runtime, obviates the need for each workstation to ahve a copy of Access.

    have a look in the help file for MDE
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