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    Unanswered: How to load content of CSV file fo MySQL into database file using java


    We are developing a web application, in this application we want to give facility to 'some' users to upload "csv" file on server. (Or it may be pipe separated or tab separated).

    After uploading this file will goes into deployment environment directory of web application (At server side).

    Information in this file is related with "entity" and it having same format and constraints required for that entity. A table exist in MySQL database for this entity.

    Our problem is, after uploading this files from client machine to server, how to parse contents of this file and load this content into database.

    Just want to clear one thing...
    LOAD INTO.. for MySQL will not be useful in this case because if we run this command then csv file should present in "data" directory of MySQL.

    Can any one suggest us efficient way of doing it, using JAVA ?

    Thanks in advance
    - Kapil Dhakad

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    I don't think I fully understand your question...why won't LOAD DATA INFILE work?

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