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    Unanswered: AllowAddition


    I designed a search form, the form property is:

    default view: continuous form
    Allowaddition: No.

    when I setup the Allowaddition to be No, it affects the scroll bar. the scroll bar cannot move when I resize the form with small size. When I setup allowaddition to be Yes, then it works.

    But, if there is last empty row to be display on the form (allowaddition = Yes). So, how can I fix the scroll bar when I setup the allowadditon to be NO?


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    I am not sure I understand what is happening, but you might be able to rig it. I would Allow Additions for the form then turn the Timer on. Set the Timer Interval to 100 or so, then in the Timer event turn off Allow Additions and set the Timer Interval to 0 to turn it off again. I use this method to kick something off just after the form is displayed. Not sure if it will help but...

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