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    Unanswered: Help - Relationships

    I have created a database for work that will keep track of hardware and software problems most of it is working, one thing that I'm having a problem with is the relationship between PC's and Network points

    In the PC search form if I was to change the NWP number i.e plug the device in to another point i want the search form to either bring up any details that have been entered allready or create a new record, and for the network sub form to display the new NWP number when ever any updates have been made.

    Its hard trying to explain, but attached is a copy of the database the form I'm having problems with is called PC search
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    Hello Teaboy
    I've found a fairly quick solution to this for you (there is nothing wrong with the relation between the main form and the subform)
    * in the form PCSearch, change the NWP field to a combo box and populate the combo with Row/Source type Table/Query and the Row Source SELECT [Network].[NWP] FROM Network;
    * for the event On Change of the new combo box, include Me.Refresh and
    Of course, you will need records in the network table for your combo to work correctly; but you will surely agree that there is no point in having this as an open text field as network points must exist before you can connect a device to them..
    Hope this helps
    Kind regards

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