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    seeking partner for share of profit.

    I am:
    A Flash designer/ actionscript developer. Incorporated for the purpose of launching my own project. A website that will combine the functionality of nationwide event listings sites similar to c l u b p l a n e t .com with matchmaking services like those provided by s p r i n g s t r e e t n e t w o r k s .com . I am based in midtown Manhattan as will the company office upon profitability. I personally posses longstanding and solid ties in the nightlife events marketing communities of New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago, Las Vegas and Boston which position me with the ability to gracefully promote this type of business directly to my intended audience on varying levels of introduction. My formal studies are that of an artist which bring to this endeavor a fresh perspective on the presentation, operation and evolution of a business of this nature. The current status of my website can be seen at / . By clicking on "Calender" or "pictures" under the "Menu" area you can see basic test usages for my current database. Examples of my own work can be viewed at My near future goal for expansion is to better utilize collected data by offering marketing and consultation services to parallel industries as well as those looking to target our desirable niche clientele.

    I am looking for:
    further development and maintenance of existing databases in exchange for profit share. Though I am open to the possible need for redesigning/rebuilding the database based upon your knowledge of more efficient technology, the website's current database is comprised of java script pages. They are queried by Flash via xml parsing actionscript. The current database is designed to accomplish most of the functions provided by c l u b p l a n e t .com , (our business model for that portion of the site), including mailing functions, image upload and data storage, but does not yet include personal posting/message boards. I would like these areas to be tied together through the "personals/dating" side of the site. Additional functionality that needs to be developed include instant messaging within the site and the streaming of media/music.

    in exchange for this relationship and development I offer a fair percentage of profits returned by proper harvesting of data. The amounts and duration of which to be mutually agreed upon prior to work.

    Since this website will always rely heavily upon flash design and movement the position requires that the candidate be able to develop output that is able to be read by actionscript. This position requires the ability to walk through connections with me so that I may build script around your attributes and paths, basic set up of files on the servers and any remote maintenance thereafter. It would be understood that there will be a need for further and timely development so that we may put our data to greater use. Recognizing the rapidly changing face of software I am open to newer ways of achieving the goals set by the example sites I've provided so long as you understand the means by which I am able to connect to the Flash interface and feel confident that you can explain them to me.

    This is a Neo-classic start up in that I have invested much of my own time and money into this project and it's growth will come mainly from my own resources. I am in search of someone with like minded determination who is equally able to grow over time and is not currently in dire need of work. I was talked into paying for my initial/current development rather than finding someone to partner with and it has left the project stagnant. Being a designer/developer myself I am able to appreciate the amount of effort put into this project and will always compensate with a respectfully fair amount of money returned.
    In addition to sharing profits this project can definitely develop into a paid position over time should you be able to maintain servers and/or offer other valuable services assuming you can juggle the responsibilities, but to be conservative I do not intend to see real profit from this venture for close to a year after launch. On the sunny side a venture like the events listing site I've mentioned has proven to reap well upward of $10,000 a month in profit in New York alone with little effort once established. There are many innovative ways in which I intend to expand upon the actual functions and services, (not just visual presentation), of the sites I've listed as models. I would be happy to go into detail once we arrive at the conclusion that you are genuinely interested and qualified.

    I look forward to hearing from you.
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