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    Unanswered: Moving a SQL Server 2005 Database from the local network to an online server.

    Hi All, first post.

    I have done a bit of searching around and cant find a clear answer to this question.

    Current Setup
    Desktop application (c#) that connects to a SQL Server 2005 express database on the same local network as the application (currently 3 users)

    It is only a very small company and has just taken on their first remote worker, but expects to take on another 6-8 over the next few months. They have asked for the database to be moved online.

    The application was written in such a way that everything has been done using no stored procs, or views, it is all native SQL.

    This will be my first DB hosted online and before I go ahead and do anything I just wanted to make sure what I have to do is correct, sorry if this is a very basic question, although I have been programming for a long time, I have never had the chance to do any online databases before.

    Will this work.
    1.Find a SQL Server 2005 Hosting company.
    2.Move the database to the server.
    3.Setup the users permissions.
    3.Alter the connection string in the application to point to the new location.

    So the only thing that would change would be a new connection string in the application preferences?

    Or am I living in a dream world, because nothing is ever that simple.

    One thing I am worried about is the security/visiblity of the database and data as it travels from the server to the client and back.

    Thanks for any advise you can give.


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    hmmm I thought this would be something alot of people would have done before.

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    It's not something done. You don't want to access any DB directly over the internet. Many bad things can happen.

    You have several better options.

    1) Setup a vpn. No exactly simple, in many cases, but should be doable. There's free utilities, and all traffic is encrypted.

    2) Use a multi-tier driver solution that allows some level of access control and encryption.

    You may have real difficulty in connecting. Due to some serious goofs in SQL Security, there were some vicious worms that targetted MSSQL, to the point where many networks block the well known ports.

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