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    Lightbulb Unanswered: display subreport totals in a report header

    I have a report with header info and a subreport with geology info. The report is opened once you specify criteria in a search form.

    In the subreport footer i have a text box called "Total" with control source of

    =Sum(IIf([UNIT]="SHALE" And [MEMBER] Is Not Null,1,0))

    This works fine. So, this goes in each subreport footer. I want to make a total for all the values in "Total", and put this in the report header (not subreport header). I made a text box and tried this
    but it asks me to Enter a Parameter value for the name of my subreport (which is rptSubstrat). I got that code off office website so I am not sure why it doesnt recognize my subreport. Thanks!


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    The only way I know of to do it is to calculate the totals myself. If Query A is your current results, then create a Query B with the Totals you want to display. Assuming Query B results in one record, create Query C that is Query A and Query B with no join between them (I forget what it is called). That way each record in Query C has all the information in Query B. Then add the fields to the top of the report.

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