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    Unanswered: Certification help

    I am an IT recruiter in Indy. I have a candidate coming out of a Terradata DBA career looking to make the move to Oracle DBA. She is intereested in what certs. would be the best for her to work on to give her the best basis technically for the switch. I am not a technician. I can tell her what is most marketable but not what will give her the best skills transfer. Thanks folks.

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    Forget the certs, most employers want experience not certificates. I would download the database , read the documentation and learn the differences between the two systems. If she can go to an employer and say, "I was an experienced Terradata DBA for x years and I have practical experience with the oracle database" she will have a much better chance that saying I have xyz certificate. We recently hired a new oracle developer at our site and they never looked at or cared what certifications the candidates had.
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